Sunday, September 28, 2014

Honeymoon 2014: Watch free movies online.

 Honeymoon 2014: A horror Film which is really terrible.

 Honeymoon 2014:Watch free movies online.
Honeymoon 2014:Watch free movies online.

  Honeymoon 2014:Watch free movies online.

Honeymoon 2014 is a Horror Film Directed by Leigh Janiak and her feature film directorial Debut, produced by Patrick Baker & Esme Howard, Written by Phil Graziadei & Leigh Janiak, Music By Heather McIntosh, Cinematography by Kyle klutz, Edited by Christopher S. Capp, Distributed by Magnolia Pictures, Production Company Fewlas Entertainment which release dates was on March 7, 2014 (SXSW)& September 12, 2014 (United States).This Honeymoon 2014 is a 87 minutes runtime movie with english version from United States.

Key Actors are: Rose Leslie, Hanna Brown, Ben Huber & Harry Treadaway

Planning to Write Honeymoon 2014:
Honeymoon began in 2010 after Janiak viwed Monster and Tiny Furniture and then She and Phil Graziadei begun writing the script on this movie in 2012.

Summary of Honeymoon 2014: In this Movie, Paul(Harry Treadaway) and Bea(Rose Leslie) are newly married couple to have a romantic honeymoon in a secluded forest. During the time of staying, They go to a small restaurant. the owner of the restaurant initially acts hostile and asking them to leave and later clam down realizing that he was Bea's Childhood friend. then the man's wife come. this is the way the movie is carry forward with various types of drama. once bea goes missing and at last paul find her naked and disoriented in the woods with no evidence as to how or she got there. From then the story is being terrible.

Times passes and day by day Bea's behavior going distant and strange. firstly, Paul blames Bea's strange behaviour for her encounter with Will, but he feels another which going more. Paul puts his hand into her vagina and takes out a large worm-like creature. Bea later explains that the night she disappeared into the woods, she saw the lights at night and couldn't help walking towards it. Bea then knocks Paul out, takes him into the middle of the lake on a boat, ties an anchor to his feet and throws him into his death. Bea is then shown to be deteriorating, her skin becoming white and flaky. Bea then meets Will's wife, and they walk away into the lights. End of the film Bea saying, "Before I was alone, but now I'm not." this is the short stroy of the movie Honeymoon 2014. 

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