Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trawler tragedy going to Malaysia, 8 bodies recovered

 Trawler tragedy going to Malaysia, 8 bodies have been recovered over the Bay of Bengal.

Trawler tragedy going to Malaysia, 8 bodies recovered over the bay of Bengal

Coast Guard, Navy and local joint operations, a day after the accident on Friday afternoon at 1 pm in the 8 bodies were recovered.

Police says, there are 1520 passengers still missing of the trawler. The Coast Guard says at least 50 people missing.
Coast Guard officials to deliver Coast Guard and Navy rescue Tanvir and led to a more attentive and invincible ships Coast Guard is working with two high speed boats Metal Shark rescue operation. Also joined the rescue operation on Friday morning two local fishing trawlers.

Thursday morning at 10 am, Channel khodaibari kutubdia point north-FV passengers sank in the name of Idris. By evening, it is possible to retrieve 4 people from the sunken trawler. Friday night at the peril of missing passengers break the Coast Guard, Navy and local fishermen. 
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The police have filed a case of human trafficking against 11 brokers.
Police filed a case on Friday at 11am accusing 6 people and anonymous another 5 people to the police station of Kutubdia. police says,6 were identified as brokers and the rest of 36 people have been sent to court of Kutubdia. 

Officer In-Charge of Kutubudiya (OC) San Suu thoyai and Chittagong East Coast Public Relations Officer M Zone, Rajibul Islam confirmed about mission.
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