Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Best Story of the world, A New Life part-1

A New life Starts today, I was alone without you.

A New life Starts today, I was alone without you.

A New life with together, for the future generation, I was alone without you

Yea, Its true, I was alone without you. When I moved my life alone, you may say this way,

"Alone ,alone all alone,

Alone in a deadly sea, where there is no hope or not a single drop of water to drink"

My dear, It was my condition without you. I passed my every days as a man without hope, dream and without any expectation. Why do  you want to know?
OK, I am telling you one by one...

As a man without hope: I lived my life as a man without hope. when I try to do something, I cant, I don't know why this is happened with me. I am starting and moving/running well but suddenly its been stop. I cant see anything then in my eyes. I just then think, i have lost all. And yes, that time I really become a loser. I try to remember my happy time then and think why did this happened with me today, where was my fault. I try to query myself and at last I got that where my fault really was.
I then think deeply, ask me myself. What can I do right now? I am a loser, If I start something, that might be the wrong and again I would be a loser. No, No, I dont. I am afraid of this. I dont wanna make me a loser. dont wanna see mine as a loser man. thats great to keep silence. But no..after some while, a answer comes from my heart. You are really a loser and cant do anything in your life. Cause, 

"the man who keep silence and stop doing something and also taking any initiative fearing the future unexpected  situatation, he is really a loser, a coward".

I then decide again to start taking challenge more than before. I try to make me more faster in every steps. And doing this, once I reach to my target destination, get leisure to make your brain free to think and do the best, watch free movies online or cinema, TV as you wish.

yea, this is not for me, its for all. No one in the world is a gainer without losing hope. They tried and failed with and later on they started more with more challenge and then they are on the top. See the present world condition. look at the world best richest man from Bill gates to the next. read about the richest man of the world who were the beginner even without completing their university study. For achieving target, I think need more power from once heart to do the best... 

 This is not the end, Don't be hopeless, start doing something which you like most, listen your mind and no one, and try to implement it in your daily life, success in near to you......hahahahah, though I am loser till today.....................just kidding. I am in my own way...trying to reach my destination....

To be continued.....keep with me................................   

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