Monday, November 24, 2014

Facebook e-Newspaper Publish soon - Mark-Zuckerberg

 Facebook is going to Publish  Daily Newspaper soon. 

Facebook e-Newspaper
Facebook, going to publish a Daily Newspaper soon & it will start from the beginning of the month of November, announced by Mark-Zuckerberg. He informed, it will be the best "personalized Newpaper" for the world news-lover people as well. More than a Billion of facebook user will receive this E-Newspaper daily.

A general Newspaper delivery its news to the people at a time and same news feed daily but #Mark-Zuckerberg, want to change this tradition, system. He wants to supply each of the users choice news including daily news as a extra addition. Only only this, there will have news feed, friends status and picture too.

Kane Palson, Ex-Editor of USA Today, said, this is gonna be a new revolution of the world news. whether its good or bad, traditional newspaper won't serve like this news service as the Facebook are gonna to present soon.

Media Giant deputed, If its really happened, the daily newspaper's future might be at risky to keep pace with the world trend.

Most importantly its said, the editorial column won't selection by any Journalist, mathematical terms will be used to serve news based on user choice to users automatically. Read more here.

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