Friday, November 14, 2014

Never express 7 sense in arbitrary, whom you want to marry!

Never express 7 sense in arbitrary, whom you want to marry!

Never express 7 sense in arbitrary, whom you want to marry!

Never express 7 sense in arbitrary, whom you want to marry!

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Yes, definitely we believe in love. We advise that people think that love should be the whole truth about yourself. But why?
This is absolutely the opposite. If you want peace and want Love from wife always, to the right, then down some good. They said these things, there is nothing to carry about the complexity of the opposite. Women who know do not say no to 7pm, whom you want to marry.

1) Ex-sex relationships
To be in a sexual relationship with the Ex- Girl Friend there is no need to tell to wife. The past is past. Hold yourself going in the future, will be enough.

2) The Family Reputation
Actually it should not tell to your wife about your own family  bad deeds. Cause in course of time it would  be an unexpected situation which may occurred by your wife as a reference from you. so If the future is inevitable turmoil, stop telling her about your family bad deeds.

3) To defend the honor of friends
No secret about your friends, or do not tell them about any bad deeds. If you want good relations with friends after marriage, to defend the honor of the many friends in the eye of your wife.

4) Ex- Girl Friend details
Definitely never share about any contact details of your your Ex-girl friend to wife. Many girls are finicky and go to the enemy's sad past. It is found, it is unnecessary turmoil.

5) That the guilty folks
If you broke a girl's mind, the fact that you do not need to be proactive wife. It is because you will lose her trust. You seem to think that repentance is enough itself.

6) Wanted anyone better than her
Maybe You wanted someone more different. Maybe think anyone else thought. Nor yet for your secret passion for your girlfriend, no one remains. This is not to say that the wife would never think about again. Do not even think to say. Remember to mind.

7) Under Lark
Various kinds of low-age boys have a lot of fun together with friends. Alcohol, such as eating or porn addict. With age, with the release of these bad habits, it is no longer necessary to tell his wife not long past.

If you can manage those 7 things from your wife, hope that you can be happy in your future life. otherwise you may try to spoil your life...
Now its your choice to lead your life with...happiness or sorrow.

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