Monday, December 15, 2014

3 steps to make you a happy man

3 steps to make you a happy man

Yea, this is a very ordinary but very much useful method to make your life with full of happiness. This is a planning for everyday life. Wanna be happy, a happy man? try this simple 3 steps in your daily life. I am sure that you will get the better result with this 3 steps to make you a happy man.

Take It Easily: 
This is the first step to make your life easily advance with everyone. when you will see something is happening with you, where if you are so angry or someone misunderstanding you though you don't have any fault, leave it to do more with you. just control yourself and take it easily and think you are just waiting for a great moments when they must realize their mistakes and come to you to surrender themselves and will regret for their bad deeds. Then only you can feel what is called patience and read more 3 steps to make you a happy man, how to make a life with the steps "Take It Easily"

Sacrifice Yourself:
Never think that you can own all of this universe. So, what will you have to do? hmm, ok. just move your life with laughing and try to make your daily activities by giving something to someone whom you know or dont know. what  will you give? money? no, not only money, but also food to good advice. you know, when someone comes to say that this is very taste to eat then you feel to buy it, right? you might easily try to purchase it. not only you but also i can be the same as you. So, if you try to suggest something helpful to someone your daily life, he/she might catch it  and say you thanks to inform or give me. what will you feel in your heart? great, right? yea, its really great. and now the most sacrificing method to make your life happy is; if you have capability to give someone, its better to give some food facility to the hungry know, food is the best way to make a hungry man happy and we all are moving in the universe just to earn money and investing it for luxurious items but where the food is the most mandatory item, at least three times a day. So try to sacrifice yourselflebel, by doing help to feed one or some hungry man around of you and get their prayer which will be the most valuable things for your living life and after the death. Sacrifice yourself is the best way to make your life happiness. Read more 3 steps to make you a happy man.
Positive Mentality: 
Yea, this is the 3rd steps to make your life happy. This is positive mentality. If you hold positive mentality in your daily life and have the sense to judge the right things/correct decision without thinking negative, you must win. actually positive thinking is a power to work correctly with inspiration that you can do the work, you are able to do the work. An example, 200kgs cement bags need to carry or pick it up at least one meter. But you are thinking that, ohh no, this is too heavy and wont easy for you to pick up. so, what will be happened? nothing, you will be a failure without trying that bags where may be generally got only 20kgs cement inside the bags but the lebel of the bags were 200kgs. this is a try. If you didn't think much and hold a positive mentality and try that bags may be you could carry that by one hand. And if their the full bags of cement, no matter is that, keep reading more 3 steps to make you a happy man.

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