Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trawler tragedy going to Malaysia, 8 bodies recovered

 Trawler tragedy going to Malaysia, 8 bodies have been recovered over the Bay of Bengal.

Trawler tragedy going to Malaysia, 8 bodies recovered over the bay of Bengal

Coast Guard, Navy and local joint operations, a day after the accident on Friday afternoon at 1 pm in the 8 bodies were recovered.

Police says, there are 1520 passengers still missing of the trawler. The Coast Guard says at least 50 people missing.
Coast Guard officials to deliver Coast Guard and Navy rescue Tanvir and led to a more attentive and invincible ships Coast Guard is working with two high speed boats Metal Shark rescue operation. Also joined the rescue operation on Friday morning two local fishing trawlers.

Thursday morning at 10 am, Channel khodaibari kutubdia point north-FV passengers sank in the name of Idris. By evening, it is possible to retrieve 4 people from the sunken trawler. Friday night at the peril of missing passengers break the Coast Guard, Navy and local fishermen. 
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The police have filed a case of human trafficking against 11 brokers.
Police filed a case on Friday at 11am accusing 6 people and anonymous another 5 people to the police station of Kutubdia. police says,6 were identified as brokers and the rest of 36 people have been sent to court of Kutubdia. 

Officer In-Charge of Kutubudiya (OC) San Suu thoyai and Chittagong East Coast Public Relations Officer M Zone, Rajibul Islam confirmed about mission.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

President-Abdul-Hamid-reaches-Samudro Joy-to witness Navys-annual-exercise.

  President-Abdul-Hamid-reaches-Samudro Joy-to witness Navys-annual-exercise.

 President-Abdul-Hamid-reaches-Samudro Joy-to witness Navys-annual-exercise.

The final phase of the 16-day ‘Exercise Sea Thunder-2015’ commenced on Tuesday noon.

 To witness the exercise, President Md. Abdul Hamid reached the warship in a speed boat from Chittagong.

Navy Chief Vice Admiral M Farid Habib, BN Flotilla Commodore M Khaled Iqbal and the Captain of ‘Samudra Joy’ WH Kutubuddin welcomed the president. The president will witness a 2-hour exercise there over an area of 65 km in the sea.

After the exercise completion, the president would address the officer's at the Chittagong Naval Base. 

Monday, January 5, 2015

Capital Dhaka is terrible-PM Sheikh Hasina in the Cabinet Meeting at the Secretariat.

  Capital Dhaka is terrible, PM Sheikh Hasina in the Cabinet Meeting at the Secretariat.

BNP and Awami League's Counter programs and police sanctions in the capital, are right now the terrible issue today on Monday.

  Capital Dhaka is terrible, PM Shekh Hasina in the Cabinet Meeting at the Secretariat.

As a result, Strict security measures have been taken to the Secretariat of Bangladesh toady on Monday where the Prime Minister of Bangladesh is presiding over right now. Honorable PM arrived the Cabinet meeting at 11.00am today. 

The Cabinet Meeting is running even a time when the country opposition party and ruling party trying to face each other to the issue of democratic movement on the street.

The heart of Bangladesh Administration, Bangladesh Secretariat, is covered by strong security forces to avoid any bad situation today.
BNP (20 alliance party as the key opposition party) and Awami league (ruling party) don't want to consider each other at the issue of democracy moment.

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20 alliance party leading by BNP wants to save the democracy, in this context they wanted to perform "democracy murder day" today.

Nelson Mandela passed away, Crowds gather to show respect

Nelson Mandela passed away, Crowds gather to show respect

Large crowds of South Africans have spent a second night on the streets to pay tribute to former leader Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday aged 95.

People have been remembering his legacy, dancing and singing in front of Mandela's former home in Soweto.
He is to be accorded a state funeral on Sunday 15 December, President Jacob Zuma announced.
Mandela spent 27 years in jail before becoming South Africa's first black president in 1994.

His administration replaced the racist white-minority regime that had enforced segregation of black and white people in a policy known as apartheid.

Mandela went on to become one of the world's most respected statesmen.

South Africans across the country have been saying prayers, singing anti-apartheid songs and lighting candles.

Hundreds are gathered outside Mandela's home in Johannesburg's northern suburb of Houghton, where he died.

They have been sharing memories of the former leader, recounting how they drew inspiration from his life.

A stage has been erected near the house, from where priests have led the crowd in prayers.

People have also been gathering before the Union Buildings in the administrative capital Pretoria.

"I was born after he became president and I just remember the South Africa he left to us, the South Africa he gave to us," one mourner at the site was quoted as saying by Reuters.

"So today will be a good day to give him, some flowers to remember him and the South Africa he fought for."

President Zuma visited the house on Friday to pay his respects.

At a news conference, Zuma outlined a week of events to mourn the former president.

Next Sunday's funeral will be held in the village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape, where Mandela grew up. South African Airways has announced that it will provide extra flights to Qunu for mourners.

Hundreds have attended an interfaith remembrance service outside Cape Town's City Hall. The Johannesburg stock exchange suspended operations for five minutes on Friday as a mark of respect.


"We sincerely thank all South Africans for the dignified manner in which they have respected and responded to the monumental loss of this international icon," Zuma said.

Speaking in Cape Town, Mandela's long-time ally, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, described him as an "incredible gift" to South Africa.

"He taught us extraordinarily practical lessons about forgiveness, compassion and reconciliation."

He also cited Mandela's weaknesses, including "his steadfast loyalty to his organisation and some of his colleagues who ultimately let him down".

Mandela had been receiving treatment at home for a recurring lung illness since September, when he was discharged from hospital.

As soon as the news of his death broke late on Thursday, small crowds began to gather in Soweto's Vilakazi Street, where Mandela lived in the 1940s and 1950s.

Across the world, leaders, celebrities and members of the public have been paying tribute.

Pope Francis said Mandela had forged "a new South Africa built on the firm foundations of non-violence, reconciliation and truth".

Queen Elizabeth II said she was "deeply saddened" to learn of Mandela's death and said she remembered her meetings with him "with great warmth".

What was apartheid? A 90-second look back at decades of injustice

"He achieved more than could be expected of any man. Today, he has gone home," said US President Barack Obama.

The White House has announced that Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will be travelling to South Africa next week to pay their respects and take part in memorial events.

South Africans are mourning Nelson Mandela through songs of struggle and church hymns. One of the songs is "Nelson Mandela ha hona ea tshwanang le yena" which in Sotho means there is no-one like Nelson Mandela. This song and many others like it encapsulate the deep sense of loss here and the realisation that his passing marks the end of an era.

Even South Africans who had never met him had made a special place for him in their hearts. They will remember him as the father of the nation, who brought an end to apartheid and delivered the nation from the brink of civil war.

Children carrying posters slowly march up and down Vilakazi street, where Mandela's Soweto home is. Others are standing outside his old house, now turned into a museum.

There is an air of heaviness here - none of the loud hooting of minibus taxis that usually make up the energy of this busy street, no cars speeding down blaring loud music. Instead those not part of the mournful singing speak in hushed tones. Elderly women with walking sticks are part of the group that has come to send off the nation's icon.

The opening of a summit of African leaders in Paris to discuss security was dedicated to Mandela, with many of those present paying tribute.

Flags are flying at half-mast on government buildings in Washington DC, Paris and across South Africa. The European Union and world football body Fifa have also ordered their flags to be lowered.

Parliament in Pretoria is expected to hold a special joint session to reflect on Mandela's life and legacy.

The BBC's Mike Wooldridge in Johannesburg says South Africa will never have seen a state funeral like it, with leaders, dignitaries and other admirers of the former president expected from all over the world.

It will be a huge logistical challenge, especially given the remoteness of Qunu, our correspondent adds.

Mandela died shortly before 21:00 local time (19:00 GMT) on Thursday.

He won admiration around the world when he preached reconciliation after being freed from almost three decades of imprisonment.

He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993 along with FW de Klerk, South Africa's last white president.

Mr de Klerk, who ordered Mandela's release from jail, called him a "unifier" and said he had "a remarkable lack of bitterness".

A tribute sits amongst flowers at the base of a statue of Nelson Mandela at Parliament Square in London on 6 December, 2013 Mandela's death has been marked around the world with people leaving tributes such as this one in London

Mandela had rarely been seen in public since officially retiring in 2004. He made his last public appearance in 2010, at the football World Cup in South Africa.

Roving diplomat

Born in 1918, Nelson Mandela joined the African National Congress (ANC) in 1943, as a law student.

He and other ANC leaders campaigned against apartheid.

Initially he campaigned peacefully but in the 1960s the ANC began to advocate violence, and Mandela was made the commander of its armed wing.

He was arrested for sabotage and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1964, serving most of his sentence on Robben Island.

He was released in 1990 as South Africa began to move away from strict racial segregation - a process completed by the first multi-racial elections in 1994.

Mandela served a single term as president before stepping down in 1999.

After leaving office, he became South Africa's highest-profile ambassador, campaigning against HIV/Aids and helping to secure his country's right to host the 2010 football World Cup.

-BBC Online

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, is buring.

Dhaka, Capital of Bangladesh, is burning.  

In different parts of the Capital city, Dhaka, bus on fire and blew gangsters. Some of the other places where it has happened are..

Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, is buring.

  • Two passengers bus were set on fire by the Gangsters at Titipara, Kamalapur, Dhaka in the capital Bangladesh. The incident occurred on Sunday at 8:20 pm.
  • Uttara Sector 5 miscreants torched a bus. At 8 pm on Sunday night, they set fire to the bus.
  • The intensely crossing the intersection demonstrations Balaka  
  • Shibir activists torched a bus named Balaka at the time of demonstration of Mogbazar intersection. They exploded several bombs. The time of incident took place at around 7pm.
  • In front of Postagola Abdullah Filling Station, a passenger bus was set on fire by the gangsters today Sunday evening at7 pm.
  • Azimpur Crosing: A bus was set on fire by gangsters today Sunday evening at around 6 am.
  • In front of the shrine of Golap Shah, a bus named Tanjil transport (Dhaka Metro-h-113205), was set on fire. The incident took place at 6 pm on Sunday.
  • Miscreants torched a bus named SUPROVAT, in the city's Kuril Biswa Road  today Sunday afternoon at 5.
  • Infront of Dayaganj gendariya Jahangir clinic, a passenger bus named MALANCHA was set on fire by the gangsters today Sunday at 4 pm
  • Infront of Tejgaon Woman College, a bus (Bus No. 8, Dhaka-V -141186), was set on fire. The incident took place on Sunday afternoon at 3 pm.
  • On of a passenger bus named New Vision Paribahan, was set on fire today at 1:40pm.

Friday, January 2, 2015

5 Big Movies will lead Hollywood Box Office 2015

 5 Big Movies will lead Hollywood Box Office 2015

5 Big Movies will lead Hollywood Box Office 2015

Movie details for the year of 2015, worldwide.
Yea, 2014, its passed already. Now we are in 2015 a Happy New Year right now. Every single person of the world celebrated this new year with full of joy.But Why am I telling this and whats the reason to telling about,wanna know?
Actually I am gonna tell you about world film furious. As we can imagine, this year of 2015, Hollywood Box Office will release some big budget movie for the world movie lovers. From there some BIG HIT will come and some movie will be averaged in box office collection. This is just a statistic according to the world online movie lovers and critics opinion.
This year of 2015, Top 5 movie most probably will get BIG HIT of Hollywood Box Office worldwide are given below:

  • Furious 7 : This is the 7 series of "Fast & Furious" which will be released on the date of 3rd, April, 2015.  A tragedy occurred while the movie was shoot, Paul Walker, who was one of the key actor of this movie has been death. Later on, the movie has been shoot completely by his younger brother, Computer Graphics & Body Doubled. Jason Statham acted as the main Negative Role with Actor Vin Disel & Dowen Johnson. Martial Arts actrorTony Jaa, is the another attraction of the movie as well.Watch free movies online now, watch movie online free here.
Fast & Furious 7 movie photo
  • Avengers 2: Critics are thinking about this movie which will be the best blockbuster movie of the year 2015. Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, where at the same time a group of superhero of Marvel Comics will be shown to the world movie lovers. This is one of the attraction for the people of The people's Republic of Bangladesh that the movie has been shoot some place of this country like Patenga, is a sea beach, located 14 kilometres south of the port city of Chittagong, Bangladesh. It is near the mouth of the Karnaphuli River. Very Amazing sight seeing of Bangladesh. The movie will be released on 1st May, 2015.
Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
  • Terminator Genesis: Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney) goes back in time to save Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and discovers that she has been raised as a warrior by a Terminator guardian (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in an alternate timeline. Release date on July 1, 2015 (USA). In this movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is coming back again with his famous role as Cyborg (A cyborg (short for "cybernetic organism") is a theoretical or fictional being with both organic and biomechatronic parts). Watch free movies online now, watch movie online free here. Another thing is, the story of this movie is taking back to its first part as well. the movie is being reboot. 
Terminator Genesis 2015 movie pic
  • Specter: This is the 24th part of James Bond series. A supernatural thriller containing real natural disasters intertwined with a narrative story that will keep you guessing until the very end. The town of Midground is threatened by a tsunami caused by a massive earthquake in the North Pacific Ocean. After other unexplainable events transpire, Chase Lombardi and friends are forced to discover whether they are experiencing a natural phenomenon or something else all together. Release date on November 6, 2015. Watch free movies online now, watch movie online free here.
Specter 2015 movie photo
  •  Mission Impossible 5: Mission: Impossible 5 is an upcoming American action spy film directed by Christopher McQuarrie and written by Drew Pearce and Will Staples. key actors are, Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg. The plot is unknown at this time Release date 25 December, 2015. Watch free movies online now, watch movie online free here.

Mission Impossible 5 photo

Thursday, January 1, 2015

7 disadvantage of Masturbation, Masturbation and its side-effects.

 7 disadvantage of Masturbation, Masturbation and its side-effects.

7 disadvantage of Masturbation, Masturbation and its side-effects.

Masturbation or mastarbesan matter more or less familiar with all men, there is nothing to say on this matter in details .women also masturbate, but this is generally has been seen among the men more than women. for this men suffer much more than women physically.

A variety of prejudice and misunderstanding about masturbation within everyone. Some people believe that there is no harm in masturbation, and some people believe as very bad thing , someone thinks it is good for health. The fact is, however, controlled doses masturbation would be good for health.

So the Question is; How many times can you masturbate daily?
Is there any problem comes about masculinity Or sex life with wife?

Lets find out the answer to these questions, if you don't know, from this article.

Masturbation is a process. After a certain age, many of the physical and environmental grown,boys became accustomed to masturbate. Now the question is, masturbation is good, or why is it bad? The answer is, when something is too much,it is bad, of course, Masturbation also. According to doctors, from 1 to 3 times a week is nothing wrong with masturbation. It is rather like mental health. Masturbation does not have to do that, but there's nothing wrong with it 3 times a week. But yes, if the daily masturbation, and its continue more than once a day, it is definitely harmful to health.

As, more work is not good, more studies done also goes to the same. So, it is not right to masturbate over. 

If more power coitus/masturbation, it can face several problems. Check the disadvantages to masturbate more than once daily here:
  1. As semen is made in a gland, the result of over masturbation, the gland can face disturbances to crate semen. Increased semen production, the gland can face immeasurable stress. This is not unusual to feel pain in the gland. 
  2. Additional Masturbating may occur in the brain, hormonal deficiencies of the semen. As well as, additional pressure on the brain also.As a result, headaches can occur temporary failure of the brain. 
  3. Frequent Masturbate, sperm becomes thin very naturally. If it continued with the persistent, health problems will be created.
  4. Moreover, Genital pain and partial distortion may occur as a result of excessive masturbation.
  5. If someone masturbate in high-Verbs-body, it takes pressure to leave urine heavily increased. So, masturbation should be controlled and carefully.
  6. Remember this, too much masturbating effects on health. Additionally, masturbation is not good to particularly in emerging and growing young people.
  7. Masturbating accustomed people would not be happy to their sexual life. Cause,its become the habit of their daily life,where they feel relieved.

Remember, if you have any problems about sexist persisted for a long time, must be taken to the advice of a venereal disease expert without negligence.

Masturbation is a normal process, but it is not very good to take the extra point. Yes, it might not be a waste of your manhood, however, may lead to various physical problems.