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7 disadvantage of Masturbation, Masturbation and its side-effects.

 7 disadvantage of Masturbation, Masturbation and its side-effects.

7 disadvantage of Masturbation, Masturbation and its side-effects.

Masturbation or mastarbesan matter more or less familiar with all men, there is nothing to say on this matter in details .women also masturbate, but this is generally has been seen among the men more than women. for this men suffer much more than women physically.

A variety of prejudice and misunderstanding about masturbation within everyone. Some people believe that there is no harm in masturbation, and some people believe as very bad thing , someone thinks it is good for health. The fact is, however, controlled doses masturbation would be good for health.

So the Question is; How many times can you masturbate daily?
Is there any problem comes about masculinity Or sex life with wife?

Lets find out the answer to these questions, if you don't know, from this article.

Masturbation is a process. After a certain age, many of the physical and environmental grown,boys became accustomed to masturbate. Now the question is, masturbation is good, or why is it bad? The answer is, when something is too much,it is bad, of course, Masturbation also. According to doctors, from 1 to 3 times a week is nothing wrong with masturbation. It is rather like mental health. Masturbation does not have to do that, but there's nothing wrong with it 3 times a week. But yes, if the daily masturbation, and its continue more than once a day, it is definitely harmful to health.

As, more work is not good, more studies done also goes to the same. So, it is not right to masturbate over. 

If more power coitus/masturbation, it can face several problems. Check the disadvantages to masturbate more than once daily here:
  1. As semen is made in a gland, the result of over masturbation, the gland can face disturbances to crate semen. Increased semen production, the gland can face immeasurable stress. This is not unusual to feel pain in the gland. 
  2. Additional Masturbating may occur in the brain, hormonal deficiencies of the semen. As well as, additional pressure on the brain also.As a result, headaches can occur temporary failure of the brain. 
  3. Frequent Masturbate, sperm becomes thin very naturally. If it continued with the persistent, health problems will be created.
  4. Moreover, Genital pain and partial distortion may occur as a result of excessive masturbation.
  5. If someone masturbate in high-Verbs-body, it takes pressure to leave urine heavily increased. So, masturbation should be controlled and carefully.
  6. Remember this, too much masturbating effects on health. Additionally, masturbation is not good to particularly in emerging and growing young people.
  7. Masturbating accustomed people would not be happy to their sexual life. Cause,its become the habit of their daily life,where they feel relieved.

Remember, if you have any problems about sexist persisted for a long time, must be taken to the advice of a venereal disease expert without negligence.

Masturbation is a normal process, but it is not very good to take the extra point. Yes, it might not be a waste of your manhood, however, may lead to various physical problems. 

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