Friday, February 13, 2015

No discussion with killers BNP Jamaat lead by Khaleda Zia

No discussion with killers BNP Jamaat lead by Khaleda Zia
No discussion with killers BNP Jamaat lead by Khaleda Zia,No discussion with killers BNP Jamaat,Khaleda Zia,No discussion with killers BNP Jamaat.

"What to deal with Killers," : Prize Reverend Sheikh Hasina on wed at Dacca examination College Hospital.

Maturity Rector Ruler Hasina has ruled out negotiations with BNP-Jaamayat connection organization, visiting Dhaka Examination College Infirmary to reach over financeial assistance to those treated in political violance, during the BNP-leading stymie and strikes broad, on weekday forenoon.

"Is there any speech with the Killers?" is what she told to the media when asked her on whether the polity would make to instruct the BNP.

pointing to the offer of talks by Polite society, PM said: "Any fill are signaling playing strategy".
According to recent media reports, onetime Primary Election Commissioner, ATM Shamsul Huda, on behalf of the civil society, wrote to the chairperson, prime executive and the BNP chairperson requesting a playscript to compute the terrible crisis in the country.

The BNP-led coalition has been enforcing a wide carry beleaguer since Jan 5,2015 where at smallest 60 grouping tally died in the violence mostly treated to dying in combustion attacks of vehicles.

PM Hasina criticized ot the BNP for the ruffianly attacks,"Fatality people like this way in conniving attacks are not view. It is utterly coercion."
PM also said, Undercover attack is not politics,its terrorism. Stop burn peole to death in the name of movement.
She said that the government will not tolerate people being burnt alive.Khaleda zia must stop killing people right now.
“Those who finance to make bombs and lob are all criminals. Each and everyone will catch up.” PM said.
She dismissed BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia as someone,"This woman has a mental distortion".

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A delegation of European Parliament coming to Bangladesh monitoring the human rights situation in the country.

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