Monday, September 15, 2014

Miley Cyrus latest cover of a Zeppelin classic of 1969

Miley Cyrus has proved she has the lungs to match a young Robert Plant with her latest cover of a Zeppelin classic.
Who knew Miley Cyrus was a little bit rock ‘n roll?

The pop star surprised fans when she switched genres and shared a cover of Led Zeppelin's "Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You" on SoundCloud. The 21-year-old urged her followers to check out the track on Twitter by simply writing, "Check dis s--t out."
However, the singer slightly tweaked the name of the classic, which appeared on Zeppelin's self-titled debut album, to Baby, I'm Gonna Leave You.

The song is originally a folk song, also covered by 60s folk artist Joan Baez, but Cyrus' screaming chorus shows it's Plant's version she's clearly channeling.
On the song, which is from the band's 1969 self-titled album, Cyrus passionately sings the lyrics, "Baby, oh baby, I'm gonna leave you. Oh, baby, you know I've really got to leave you. Oh I can hear it calling me. I said don't you hear it calling me the way it used to do?"

The blonde beauty has also previously recorded The Beatles "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" and has announced plans on Instagram to tackle Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man" next. Impressive!

In addition to covers, the "Wrecking Ball" singer is expressing her creativity through art. She recently premiered her "Dirty Hippie" collection—which includes a 5-foot bong and a vibrator(!)—during Jeremy Scott's show at New York Fashion Week.
"Jeremy brought a lot of peace and self-worth to me because even though to some people, it was just me gluing some things together, to me, it made me not a f--king pop star dumbass," the former Hannah Montana actress explained in her V magazine interview.

"And that's my goal in my life: to not die a pop pop dumb dumb. I can't. I will freak out. I just wanted to give myself something I can work at, and even now, if I had more time and I wasn't on tour, I know I could outdo any of this because I've grown while doing it."

The comments on her SoundCloud post range from "I am sufficiently confused by this being unterrible" to "ekk, this is not a good cover. sorry Miley".

The singer has done some genre-bending covers recently, having recorded the Beatles classics, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, with the Flaming Lips for their upcoming tribute album of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, titled: With a Little Help From My Friends.

She's also known to knock out an unusual cover or two during her live performances and graced a Belfast audience with her version of the Smiths There is A Light, earlier this year.

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