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The Nobel Prizes 2010 to 2014 updates

The Nobel Prizes 2010 to 2014 updates

The Nobel Prizes 2010 to 2014 updates

Alfred Nobel's will stated that 94% of his total assets should be used to establish the Nobel Prizes.

The Nobel Prizes 2010 to 2014 updates

Summary of The Nobel Prize:
Nobel Prize is Awarded for Outstanding contributions for mankind in Physics, Chemistry, Literature, Peace, Physiology or Medicine, and Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences from the Country of Sweden & another a different catagory for 'Nobel Peace Prize' given from Norway only.

The Nobel Prize Presented by Swedish Academy, Nobel committee of Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Nobel committee of Karolinska Institutet & Norwegian Nobel Committee. The Nobel Prize was first awarded in 1901 & in 1969 Nobel Prize was awarded on 'Economic Sciences'.

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Year                           2014

Physics                      Isamu Akasaki;Hiroshi Amano;Shuji Nakamura
Chemistry                 Eric Betzig;Stefan Hell;William Moerner
Physiology or
Medicine                  John O'Keefe;May-Britt Moser;Edvard Moser

Literature                 Patrick Modiano

Peace                        Kailash Satyarthi;Malala Yousafzai

Economics                Jean Tirole

Year                         2013

Physics                    François Englert;Peter W. Higgs
Chemistry               Martin Karplus;Michael Levitt;Arieh Warshel
Physiology or
Medicine                James E. Rothman;Randy W. Schekman;Thomas C. Südhof

Literature               Alice Munro

Peace                      Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

Economics               Eugene F. Fama;Lars Peter Hansen;Robert J. Shiller

Year                      2012

Physics                 Serge Haroche;David J. Wineland
Chemistry            Brian K. Kobilka;Robert J. Lefkowitz
Physiology or
Medicine             John B. Gurdon;Shinya Yamanaka

Literature            Mo Yan

Peace                   European Union

Economics           Alvin E. Roth;Lloyd S. Shapley

Year                     2011

Physics                Saul Perlmutter;Adam G. Riess;Brian Schmidt
Chemistry           Dan Shechtman
Physiology or
Medicine            Bruce Beutler;Jules A. Hoffmann;Ralph M. Steinman

Literature           Tomas Tranströmer

Peace                  Ellen Johnson Sirleaf;Leymah Gbowee;Tawakel Karman

Economics          Thomas J. Sargent;Christopher A. Sims

Year                    2010

Physics               Andre Geim;Konstantin Novoselov
Chemistry           Richard F. Heck;Ei-ichi Negishi;Akira Suzuki
Physiology or
Medicine            Robert G. Edwards

Literature          Mario Vargas Llosa

Peace                  Liu Xiaobo

Economics          Peter A. Diamond;Dale T. Mortensen;Christopher A. Pissarides 

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